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With so much passion that has been put by the author into writing and crafting each content, this site spreads its horizon as to quite reach the lofty ideals that you may have.

Grammar & Literature

Offering you lessons made easier and more comprehensible since these are utilized in the authentic classroom teaching-learning situations

Financial Advice

Providing you content that can assist you with managing your finances,  developing financial plans, and creating long-term goals

Teaching Diaries

Giving you opportunities to get acquainted with some personal teaching-learning experiences in hopes of providing you with key takeaways 


Imparting contents which can help you with your desires for self-improvement, personality development, and self-awareness that you seek

Health and Wellness

Highlighting contents about health and wellness and socially responsible blogs that can help you make better decisions about your health and wellbeing ​

Work Diaries

Sharing with you some enriching contents about how you can improve relationships at work, diversify your skills, and ensuring productivity

How To Be A Non-Toxic Workmate

Hurdling the stress of the negative circumstances at your workplace can take a serious toll on your well- being, causing some sort of upheaval in your productivity and progress.

8 Self-Care Tips Your Future Self Will Thank You For

People these days often make use of the term self-care in association with taking good care of oneself, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally. You have probably been hearing things about self-care in your workplace or did encounter it somewhere else on earth and might have been wondering what that thing is for.