Wade in the Water: Wade in Tampisaw Resort

Wade in the Water: Wade in Tampisaw Resort

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In Lush Forests, It Is Tucked Away: A Perfect Hideaway

Dealing with mental health these days is something that requires serious attention and proper response. This is for the reason that when it is left unchecked and untreated, it may result to some negative implications. That I believe is the least thing you would wish to happen to you.

One way to deal with mental health is to identify what causes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being to feel or have that excessive worrying, fear, or sadness. Knowing where your mental health problem is stemming from can be of paramount importance to treating it and handling it appropriately.

Once you have identified the cause of your anxiety or perhaps depression, that is where de-stressing comes in the equation. When we talk about de-stressing, going to a place that gives you full freedom to think deeply and reconnect with nature can sure help you with that. And in this time of pandemic, why would you think of going farther when all you need is lying around the province? To all Mindorenos out there, don’t miss out the opportunity to experience an extraordinary glamping with nature!

Oriental Mindoro is, without a doubt, one of the best eco-tourism sites in the country. I’m not being biased here just because I am a homegrown in the province.

If you’re into traveling and going places, well I’d definitely suggest coming here in the province for it has a lot more to offer. From fantastic diving and other water activities, chilled-out beach bars, pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls, and majestic mountains, Oriental Mindoro has absolutely something in store for you to be enthralled.

There are magnificent spots in the province which you can feast your eyes on. One of which is this spot which I want to share with you, ’cause why not? Not only your eyes will feast but also your soul for it is perfect for someone who seeks peace and a break from the hassle and bustle of the world, in my case the city and my work.

The spot that I am referring to is this emerging Tampisaw Resort Glamping with Nature. It is situated in Dulangan 3, Baco, Oriental Mindoro.

My first visit was back in March of this year. It has just started operating back then and the pandemic situation during that time was very sticky so we just had a day-visit with my friends. For that reason I was not able to experience glamping with nature.

Last Saturday, July 31, 2021, I set foot for the second time on this resort. This time, I aimed at experiencing firsthand the glamping with nature activity which the resort offers as their main feature, I guess. The reason why it was called glamping with nature is probably because the resort is tucked away in lush forests.

First thing you need to do is to secure a slot through online booking. All you have to do is to go to their Facebook page and click the “Book now” button and it will automatically direct you to their booking system. Here is the link if you wish to book for a reservation: https://web.facebook.com/experience.tampisaw

In my case it directed me to Facebook messenger. The admin, I must say, was very responsive and very friendly. Every question that I had to ask, the person in-charge answered politely.

After securing a slot of course, the next thing you would wanna do is to prepare for your trip. In my case, I chose to travel by my motorcycle (Honda PCX) for I thought I haven’t really had a chance to use it for a long ride. It will cost you a lot, I think, if you will just hire a tricycle to get there.

When I arrived there, I don’t know if she is the operations manager but the person on duty, a lady welcomed us. She is actually the operations manager, the welcoming committee, the receptionist, the cook, and the attendant rolled into one!

Moreover, the health and safety protocols were done. My temperature was checked, had me logged in their record book, and asked me to present an identification card for verification purposes and reporting.

Right after that, she walked us through our chosen cabana. I was enthralled when I saw the cabana up-close. It was so romantic. It just gave me that “love is in the air” feels. For those love birds who wish to spend time together but at the same time give themselves the peace of mind they need, this resort is perfect for that purpose. Alongside, there was also a beach umbrella table which gives you the space as well to relax after a good sleep in the cabana. In my case, I just bring out my laptop and placed it on the table. Right that instant, I had a movie marathon which I had been wanting to do.

Since you also get an opportunity to reconnect with nature, you get to reconnect as well with your inner being. Like if you are confused about something, or might have been troubled with a situation that demands a wise decision to make, or might have been caught up with your job and you are fed up with all the stuff related to your work, you can definitely go here and feed your soul with time and peace to contemplate.

The resort also has a pool area which is a few steps away from the cabana and the other tents. The pool area is open until 10 in the evening. The water was freezing cold, but still tolerable. It came from the running water from the river nearby. That’s actually one more attraction to see at the resort.

Tampisaw is situated near a river. With that said, the guests have a full access to the river once you checked in. If you like to feel the cascading waterfalls from rocks dominating the riverbed, you can actually go there for free. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNcIIIfJfTM/

At night, they also lit a bonfire for the guests who have gone dipping in the pool. There you can have small talks or even a really serious conversation because the bonfire also gives you that romantic yet “survivor” feels since around you is a lush forest.

My overall experience in Tampisaw resort is really amazing. I had to reconnect with myself. I was able to relax with people I love spending time with. Most of all, I was able to connect with nature.

This emerging resort is still a work in progress. I believe the owner of this private-owned resort is eyeing at adding more facilities, constructing more pool areas, building more attractions to see, and improving the overall features of the resort in general. With that alone, I couldn’t wait to go back there and have another new glamping experience!


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