Facebook-Themed Student Tag for Learning Kits or Envelopes

Facebook-Themed Student Tag for Learning Kits or Envelopes

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Are you running out of ideas about how to make your printed modular distance learning essentials? Here comes a great way to address that problem!

I have created a template which will not only establish a sense of ownership among your learners during this time of pandemic where you deal with printed modules most of the time. This will also provide them a sort of motivation to work on accomplishing activities included in their learning kits (envelopes where you place their modules inside).

This Facebook-themed student tag which you may paste on their learning kits will give them a fresh outlook and perspective when it comes to accomplishing their modules. You can edit freely the contents of this template – from the name of student to their learner’s reference number, to grade and section!

Another good thing about this template is its photo element that will serve as your student’s profile picture just like what you can see in a Facebook profile.

Not only that your students will feel ownership by just seeing their names written on it, but also through seeing their own photo as their profile picture that will entail personal proprietorship of the envelope which keeps their printed modules.



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