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Chamber of Thoughts
is your niche of wonderful thoughts about almost anything. This is a site created solely for the purpose of providing a chamber of thoughts and ideas that may stem from almost anything under the sun and may pivot on almost anything that may interest its readers.

This site is your go-to venue of thoughts, a labyrinth of randomly picked matters of interest, and an information hub all in one place, which caters to all who have a thirst for a way more different array of topics.

With so much passion that has been put by the author into writing and crafting each content, this site spreads its horizon as to quite reach the lofty ideals that you may have.

About the Author

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Levi Ramirez is a licensed professional teacher, financial consultant, motivational blogger, and influencer . He majored English during his undergraduate studies and has started taking up master’s degree in English language.

Currently, he is teaching in a public high school, pursuing his passion of simply becoming a person of great influence to the future of this world -the learners. He teaches English and Theater Arts which are both taking up a great space in his heart.

Before he landed a teaching position in a school that runs on public funds, he was an English as Second Language (ESL) teacher for a year where he taught Korean students. He was also a former listener care representative in a call center company in the country.

Currently, he is trying to pursue his passion for writing where he enjoys writing about anything that is not just worth reading but also things that can help, improve, and contribute to one’s own progress and development.

He wishes that someday, when time permits, he will be able to build up an organization which will spread even a tinge of hope to some people who need it the most. An organization which will provide a glimmer of hope for those who become hopeless and helpless due to some overwhelming adversities that beset them.