Here’s to Being Amazed By God’s Perfect Timing

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We all go through seasons in our lives where we feel disheartened due to a lot of failures and setbacks. When that happens, we begin questioning our skills and capabilities. We start to think of that one lacking element that hinders us from measuring up.

There are times as well where we find ourselves contemplating on the things that might have gone wrong and those which need our attention. We end up analyzing situations, trying to spot where we fell short.

We sometimes feel like an outcast, too. Especially when every person you meet seem to have been living their dreams and celebrating their wins. Yet, there you are still trying to figure out what the world has in store for you. Much worse, battling your not-so-well-thought-out alter ego that says you are not enough.

If you ended up reading this, you might be fraught with so many questions about what helped successful people you have seen on the Internet or probably, you wondered how some people you know, those who might be in the same industry you are in or who have tried their luck in their own field, became successful.

You have to remember that, success does not happen overnight. It may require a great deal of patience, steady hard work, and commitment. As cliché as it may sound, success is the result of your daily habits. If you begin your day with a positive mind, everything else will follow.

A friend of mine who has become one of my life coaches once told me that in order for me to make progress in the world I am creating, I need to be consistently hardworking and motivated.

What you repeatedly do on a daily basis will come to fruition when the right time comes. What you have to do is to just keep going on. Never allow the “thought of giving up” to win over your dream to succeed.

There will be times where you will feel dispirited, exhausted, and unmotivated. It’s normal for you to be in that situation for you are a human, too. However, what better way to regain your enthusiasm and drive than to think of why you even started? Think of that very moment when you decided to go out of your comfort zone, took risks you never did before, and sacrificed some things to get you where you are today.

If you think a mere contemplation is not enough, then pray. Communicate with God. It is impossible that you pray and that He will not hear it. God knows how you work hard and how you value every single milestone you achieved. He sees your sacrifices, your losses, and your defeats. He celebrates your triumphs and your breakthroughs.

You are a person of big dreams. God knows your innermost thoughts, your intimate details. And just like what He says in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”.

God stands by your side and gives you the support that you need. You may not be fully aware of how God moves in your life, but He is right there with you in your journey. You never know, He might be preparing you for something more than what you have been praying for.

Trust His timing. He has plans for you, for all of us. His plans are way better than ours. All you have to do is to allow yourself to be amazed by God’s perfect timing.

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