Here’s to the Moments You Think the World Stops When You Stop

Here’s to the Moments You Think the World Stops When You Stop

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There are seasons in our lives where we feel that everything becomes less important and that we are fully immersed in the present moment; like we were kind of stuck in the situation and there’s nothing we can do about it. During these instances where everything around us seems fading away, time seems to stand still, and for a fleeting second we think as if the world stopped spinning.

There are moments when we feel overwhelmed, burdened by the weight of our own struggles and challenges. In these times, it’s easy to believe that if we stop or quit, the world will come to a halt alongside us. However, let me remind you that the world keeps spinning, and it’s in embracing this truth that we discover the resilience and potential for growth beyond stagnation.

A few months ago, I found myself contemplating on the things I have accomplished and those which I haven’t or had no opportunity to do so. I was extremely devastated for I could not accept the outcomes of the personal decisions I came up with and the choices I had to make. Moments of overthinking took over my nights, making me feel I had been stagnant all this time. Believe me when I say, this season is not joyful. It is not as transformative as other chapters in our lives where we are taught with a lesson after going through hardships and challenges. This chapter is kind of draining and exhausting. This would make you question your worth and your purpose. What’s even worse, it would consume you and every emotion that you might feel.

But it is only by freeing ourselves from such negative thinking that we can create opportunities for transformation and embark on a fresh start. Whenever this occurs to us, be grateful. These moments are considered rare and precious because they allow us to experience profound insights, self-reflection, and a sense of timelessness. These situations serve as reminders of the beauty and importance of being fully engaged in our lives.

The Illusion of Stagnation

There are moments when life feels stagnant, as if we are trapped in a never-ending loop of monotony. Everything seems like a melody of a familiar song you used to listen to everyday. It is like you’re listening to a single song on your playlist and was stuck on repeat.  During these circumstances, it is very easy for us to feel like we are not making any progress, or having significant improvements.

We may encounter setbacks, face unexpected obstacles, or find ourselves stuck in unfulfilling routines. All of these might be so overwhelming and so consuming. During these periods, it is natural for us to believe that our actions, or lack thereof, have the power to bring the world to a standstill, to a halt. We convince ourselves that our decisions or struggles are of such magnitude that they hold the entire universe in suspension. But this belief is nothing more than an illusion, a trick of the mind.

The World’s Unyielding Momentum:

In reality, the world around us continues to spin, oblivious to our individual challenges and triumphs. Each day, the sun rises and sets, seasons change, and life unfolds in its infinite complexity. It is not like we can tap the snooze button everytime we want to so that everything around us will stop. There is no pause button either, that once we click it, the world takes a pause with us too. None of that happens in real life. People carry on with their lives, pursuing their dreams, overcoming obstacles, and embracing new experiences.

There is this popular phrase that circulates online which I think can absolutely be relevant to this concept of stagnation. The phrase that goes “You are the main character of your own story.” which I believe is such a great reminder to each and everyone. That while we think of ourselves as the main character in our own story, everybody else thinks they are too in theirs. It also explains how each one of us has his or her own battles to fight against, obstacles to hurdle, and problems to solve. So, when you think you have the most terrible problem or you are in the worst situation there could be, never think that the world will sympathize with you when you think about giving up or taking a break because honestly it won’t.

On the other hand, it is a humbling reminder that we are but a small part of a much greater tapestry. Our personal journeys might be very significant to us, but these  do not dictate the course of the world.

The Power of Perseverance

I mentioned above that these moments of feeling useless and stagnant are indeed overwhelming and extremely draining. Others might not totally grasp the difficulty and the extent of this exhausting chapters unless they are in that same situation themselves.

Instead of succumbing to the notion that the world will stop with us when we stop, finding solace and motivation in the understanding that our perseverance can fuel personal growth and transformation. It is with our positivity that we can get out of these trying moments. The situations might too overwhelming, but with a heart that’s filled with a strong desire to improve and reach greater heights, anyone can rise above this storm.

All we need to do is to keep in mind that when faced with adversity, it is through resilience and determination that we can break free from the chains of stagnation. It could seem so difficult at this time and very challenging, but we can get through this with small steps. By taking small steps forward, even amidst the most challenging circumstances, we create momentum. And only when we are able to do this, we can open doors to new possibilities.

Finding Meaning in the Journey

While the world keeps spinning, we have the power to embrace change, growth, and transformation. Truth be told, it is never easy, but trust when I say it is way more rewarding than waiting in vain and not taking actions in the first place. Sooner or later, during the process, we eventually come to realize the essence of going through these seasons. We experience those “ah-huh” and lightbulb moments where place us in a state where we get to grapple with everything that makes us feel stagnant or the need to take a full stop. When this happens, that’s when you find meaning in this journey.

Ultimately, it is the journey itself that holds the most profound significance. Life is not defined by the moments of stagnation or perceived halts, but by how we respond to them. The essence of this journey lies not in the moments of finding self-worth or even in accepting what is and what not. It lies in the actions we take in order to elevate the situation we are in.

We find meaning in our moments of contemplation and discernment. And it is in these moments that we have the opportunity to reflect, reevaluate our priorities, and redirect our paths. By understanding that the world keeps spinning, we can let go of the fear of being left behind and instead focus on making the most of the present moment.

The Bottomline

The belief that the world will stop with us when we stop is a fallacy that only holds us back from realizing our truest potential. Instead, let us embrace the understanding that the world keeps spinning, and it is within this perpetual motion that opportunities for growth and transformation await. By persevering, embracing change and growth, and finding meaning in the journey, we can break free from stagnation and embark on a path of personal development and fulfillment.

As we navigate through the ups and downs of life, let us release the notion that our struggles hold the power to halt the world’s progress. Instead, let us focus on what we can control—our own actions, mindset, and choices. Even in the face of adversity, we can choose to keep moving forward, persisting with unwavering determination.

Remember that the world keeps spinning, regardless of our individual struggles or moments of pause. Instead of being paralyzed by the illusion of stagnation, let us harness the power of perseverance, adaptability, and self-reflection. Embrace change, seek personal growth, and find fulfillment in the ongoing dance of life. The world is in motion, and it is within that motion that we have the opportunity to create our own unique rhythm and make a meaningful impact on the world around us.


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