Here’s to the Moments You Thought You Couldn’t Survive.

Here’s to the Moments You Thought You Couldn’t Survive.

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These days, with all the catastrophic events happening here and there, life seems to teach some of us what matters most in life -that is to survive. Surviving has been a significant matter to people, well this comes next to living a meaningful life with God’s presence, as the world has become tormented by a stretch of bad events lately. As it turned out, surviving has become the first thing everyone has to tick off their to-do list, one which they think needs to be prioritized.

Truly, to survive has turned out to be everyone’s goal nowadays. Many people have come to realize how important it is to survive and live. In the middle of a surge in outbreaks of an infectious disease in the country, many people have started believing that in today’s world, it is no longer about who makes the most money or who thrives best, but who survives instead.

However, surviving is not as easy as a, b, c. Many have been living their lives without being able to figure out what really helps them with surviving.

Truth be told, there comes a time where we question our abilities to shrug off challenges in our lives; where we run out of reasons to continue, where we find it really hard to even get up and face whatever it is that needs us to prove our mettle. Sometimes, it gets even harder to get through when stacks of self-doubting slips piled up and there’s no tinge of courage and resiliency left within us. That no matter how we try to give our best shot at dealing with our problems, we still end up feeling so down as we know there will be another wave coming.

We have to admit it that it is one of those sneaky little truths about life -it has highs and lows. It will be odd to be living a life which only offers breakthroughs, triumphs, milestones, and progress. Remember that before you can even get some breakthroughs, you might experience a series of breakdown first.

Challenges are a part of our lives. For some, these challenges are what made them stronger and braver. It is a living human’s fate to struggle at some point in life, to surmount challenges life has thrown at us, to experience pain in the process, and still keep going in spite of these shits.

It is with this thought that we can say surviving becomes more of a sweet victory than a mere achievement, especially when it took you to fight through the challenges of life in order to live. It feels way more rewarding to survive when you know you gave your best shot to triumph over these trials.

Take some time to recall the moments in your life where you thought you could not survive. You were probably running out of means to do so that got in the way of your desire get through the tests of time. When your plan A turns out to be a failure, it should not stop you from moving forward. Remember that you’ve got 25 more letters to devise a new plan.

Think of those circumstances where you believed you were not equal to the tasks. You were perhaps, putting much weight on the tasks instead of giving much credence to your abilities to overcome them. Do not be swayed by how complicated or massive the problem is.  You can get through it only by facing it. Trying to avoid the test is tantamount to making the process even more complicated. There is only way you can get through a task, that is by dealing with it.

Here’s the bottom line: 

You may find yourself doubting your capabilities to overcome challenges in your life. But do not let it get in your way. Life may get tough and unbearable, but as long as you keep moving forward, you will get the better of these challenges.

Remember those moments in your life where you complain about the hard time you were having while trying to triumph over these life’s struggles, but you ended up getting through them. One second you were doubting yourself, another second you survived.


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