Here’s to the Far Better Things Ahead Than Any You Leave Behind

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I am at one with you, when you tell me it’s way more difficult to let go of the things you got used to doing and leave behind something that makes you passionate than to traverse a new path filled with uncertain things waiting ahead of you.

While the process of getting rid of these things from your system seems a piece of cake, it is the thought of forgetting and accepting that gives you pain and sadness during the entire journey.

At some point in our lives, we realize that there are things that we cannot really do away with. Whether it was a painful past which gave you so much suffering, or a habit that has become part of your daily routine, or a present life that you once thought you’re going to grow old living.

We put so much emotional attachment to things and give sentimental value to events which we think have extremely contributed to who we are today and what we are now. And I would say, it’s alright if you are going through that. It’s part of our biology to hold dear of either the present or anything from the past which you considered an essential part of yourself, or you thought has greatly influenced your whole being.

We all go through seasons in our lives where we had to deal with a negative experience and eventually take whatever lesson we gained from that to better improve the way we live and prevent that from happening again. If that’s your take on the bad experiences you have in life, that’s good for you since you do not dwell on the past but rather embrace what’s in front of you.

To some, it’s easier said than done. We all have different ways of coping with a stretch of bad events happening in our lives. Let’s admit it, there are some who find it doubly difficult to let go of the past, be it good or bad. This is no time for invalidating how they deal with it.

Some of us held too tight on the memories of yesterday. Whether it had to be a bad encounter or a good experience, it does take time before some of us can unflinchingly tell themselves that they can let go of it for real or get rid of it from their system. It probably because they have learned so much from it and they wanted to always be reminded of the takeaways from it that they wanted not to leave it behind.

While to some of us, it is their past which they are having a hard time doing away with, some of us might have been struggling how to deal with things that can both affect their present and future.

There are instances where we have to make life-changing decisions. By life-changing, we mean that it can absolutely affect our lives, and that’s where the struggle comes in.

Coming up with a decision which can definitely have impact on your present life is very difficult. Chances are, you get a fear of the unknown as we all know how uncertain we are about what the future holds for us. We tend to avoid taking risks for we fear the consequences that we might have after which.

It probably goes the same for all of us, since taking risks is not easy. It’s like getting a high probability of loss against a smaller possibility of large gain. This alone prevents us from leaving behind anything at present for we fear the future consequences, and it’s normal.

It’s normal to feel that way towards your future because that’s something we cannot control. We are talking about our future here that’s why taking risks and making life-changing decisions need serious attention.

The Bottomline

While our future is something we cannot be certain about, what we do at present and how we live the moment are the only things we can be in control of. It holds great power over things we cannot envisage.

It is with much hope that I tell you that despite the uncertainties and adversities you might come across in this life, do not fear leaving anything behind in exchange for a way better situation. Believe in the power of today and the beauty of the future waiting ahead of you.

Take courage. Learn what you like and don’t from trying to go out of your comfort zone. Wiser decisions come next after taking greater risks. Know that even when you do not take risks, truth be told, life is not always rainbows and butterflies. So, what makes it different from taking risks and living through whatever consequences there might be?

Just like what Matthew 6:34 says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

It’s true that we do not know what the universe has conspired to make happen in our lives, nor what the future has in store for us. But still, there are far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.

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