How Being an Introvert Truly Feels, That You Probably Don’t Know

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This by far, is one of the topics which often go unnoticed or misunderstood. I think, some people fail to understand the struggles faced by introverts.

Society often tends to favor extroverted traits, associating them with confidence, sociability, and leadership abilities which honestly not everyone is. Consequently, introverts may face judgment or be labeled as aloof, shy, or anti-social.

As someone who identifies as an introvert myself, I believe it is important to promote empathy and understanding towards individuals who choose not to socialize as frequently or initiate conversations as easily as others. Marami tayong kakilala who would say and even testify how snobbish we are or would probably tag us as someone na “hindi na marunong makakilala” or “hindi namamansin” at “mataas na ang tingin sa sarili”.

I think, it’s about time that you hear the other side of the story. It’s not that we don’t want to greet you or notice you on the streets, smile back at you at the grocery store, or even say a simple hello when we bump into each other somewhere.

Believe me when I say, it usually takes us a great amount of courage to talk and start a conversation only to end up not choosing to socialize with people.

We do value social connections. However, we may find it more challenging to initiate conversations or engage in small talk, preferring more meaningful interactions. Our preference for solitude should not be mistaken as a lack of interest or a desire to isolate ourselves from others. Rather, it is our way of preserving our energy and ensuring we can fully engage when we do participate in social interactions.

When I say it’s extremely difficult to mingle, that’s true. Truth be told, the fear and hesitation experienced by introverts are often magnified, making them twice as challenging to overcome. At iyon ang minsan ay hindi nauunawaan ng iba. That’s why, naja-judge o nami-misunderstood nila. So, the next time you encounter someone who seems reserved or quiet, not in the mood to socialize, and fears starting a conversation, take s moment to reflect on the possibility that they might be an introvert.

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