Here’s to Shooting Your Shot Because You Only Get One Chance At Life

Here’s to Shooting Your Shot Because You Only Get One Chance At Life

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Making decisions is part of our everyday routine. Decisions are also choices that we make all throughout the day and which shape our lives in ways we cannot imagine.

When you decide to tap the snooze button of your alarm in the morning, when you skip eating breakfast before going to work, when you pick the clothes that you wear, you are already making small decisions.

While it is very easy to make small decisions, there are important decisions in our lives as well that should be made carefully.

As the seasons of life constantly ripen us as we grow up, it gets harder and harder to arrive at decisions since determining which decisions are right or wrong is not as easy as it may seem.

How many times do you ever think about a situation before coming up with a decision? How long does it take you before you decide what to do?

It is absolutely fine if making decisions for you is a matter of serious concern. I understand where you are coming from. You probably are worried about the negative consequences of whatever decision you have to make. This is why you map out the possible consequences when you choose this one over another. You want to ensure that you won’t regret anything after that.

Whether the decision that you have to make is a decision only you can make, or you cannot afford to make, or you cannot afford not to make, one thing is for sure -that decision is of extreme significance in your life.

Let us put it in the context of your life and career. There are decisions that only you can make for yourself. For instance, when you decide if you are going to drink a cup of coffee to start your day or instead have a cup of freshly brewed tea. You make a decision for yourself and basically base your decision on your own advantage.

Whereas when you get to decide about the things you cannot afford to lose, you choose which can benefit yourself. That is by choosing whichever can help you keep that very thing you value so much.

On the other hand, there are decisions as well that you might have trouble making for you cannot afford not to make them in the first place. These are the decisions which can put you in a dilemma and give you a toll on your head. This is for the reason that your life will be very much affected once you decide whichever your heart told you to choose. Whether it is good or bad, that we cannot tell unless you make a decision about it.

It is true that we do not know what the future holds for us. However, the decisions you make today will heavily affect your whole life. Know which certain causes or battles you wish to fight and decide how you are going to overcome them. If you think that decision can bring you to where you think you should be, then go for it.

Therefore, every decision you make is crucial to how you want your life to be for it influences the direction where your life is heading to. Every decision you make each day has an impact on your life and your future.

After all, deciding not to decide is still a decision you unconsciously make. So, why not make the most out of that decision?

Shoot your shot because you only get one chance at life. Do not allow yourself to make a decision that can lead to regret.


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