How Can Creative Outlets Benefit You During Stressful Situations?

How Can Creative Outlets Benefit You During Stressful Situations?

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Art can be found everywhere, almost all around us. It is something that takes up a space in our lives and surrounds us on a daily basis. It can either serve a communicative or aesthetic purpose depending on the type of art generated and the platform at which the art is presented.

In general, art is something created out of our imagination and skill which expresses or depicts what we feel and think. It can be represented in a diverse array of creative activities including visual creation, creative performances, making of conceptual ideas, production of technical skills, and even expression of our imagination through various ways.

Whenever we express our emotions, thoughts, feelings, intuition, aspirations, and desires in any ways possible, we already create an art. Thus, the platform we choose to where we will express the art we have inside us is what we call artistic expression.

What is Artistic Expression?

It is a conscious utilization of artistry or creativity along with imagination in generating a product of any forms that gives opportunity to communicate one’s inner self, thoughts, feelings, intuition, aspirations, and desires.

For some people, art expression is considered as self-expression which serves as the extension of one’s inner self that enables him/her to transform his/her creativity into something which can be communicated to other people and at some point take control over emotions by channeling them into creating, crafting, producing, and performing activities. These are human activities that generally represent what they feel and think almost about anything.

Language of Artistic Expression

The art expression as a process of communicating inner selves through creative release and activities is believed to be more of artist’s perspective and point of view. At some point, when you look at an artistic object or watch a creative performance, you lay emphasis more on the quality of the artwork or the performance. More often than not, you seem to neglect the message underlying in the work of art you have just laid your eyes on. The message that people or the audience get across after the creative activities or artistic works of art have been created and done becomes its language. Read more:

How the Language of Artistic Expression Works

Since art has become a language that allows people to communicate their inner selves, artistic expression itself, in one way or another, has also become a language of its forms that benefits both the artist and the audience. Art expression through its various forms offers a wide range of advantages to the artist and the audience who appreciate the work of art. Some of the recognized benefits are as follows:

  • Helping Individuals Relax

Artistic expression aid you in finding an outlet and release the tension and materialize the anxiousness through creating artistic stuff. By also feasting your eyes from merely looking or watching at the work of art, it can also relieve the tension in your body. If you’re taking some time to engage in an artistic pursuit, it provides you with opportunities to relax and somehow free yourself from any negative thoughts. Some of us may not be that showy when it comes to self-expression, but through creative outlets you can vent what you feel and think without worrying about being judged. By that we mean, the process of venting will be continuous in such a way that no one is going to interrupt you or oppose your thoughts and stand on something. Basically, you will have all the freedom to express what you think and feel.

  • Providing a Sense of Control

It can assist you with looking for an extension of your emotions and eventually release them in such an artistic way. It also provides a great opportunity to take full control of your inner self. Our emotions can sometimes manipulate us, especially during some overwhelming circumstances. However, you can rise above your emotions. Instead of getting manipulated by your emotions, you can do the other way around. You can take full control of what you feel and think without harming other people. That’s one thing that some people don’t realize about controlling emotions. You can control your emotions, express them artistically, and avoid harming other people’s feelings at the same time.

  • Reducing Depression and Anxiety

Taking part in creative outlets helps reduce the depression and anxiety for it becomes the expression of stress from one’s body. Stress, when not taken seriously, can result to complicated issues concerning your physical and mental health. It can lead to depression especially in the case of susceptible people. When you let your stress swallow you up, dictate how you spend each day, tell you what you can do, and drag you down, it can leave you with deep-rooted depression and anxiety. Artistic expression does help you reduce your depression and anxiety especially when you reach that point where hopelessness, negativity, worthlessness, and restlessness already invaded your system. It is your responsibility to put yourself out of that stressful situation by doing something productive. By that we mean, you can try doing some creative stuff which can divert your attention and help you relieve your stress. Not only that you can reduce your depression and anxiety, but you can also express your emotions through arts.

  • Assisting in Socialization

Getting involved in artistic expression benefits us for it provides chances to explore and participate in creative and artistic outlets that can eventually aid us in developing confidence and boosting empathy and compassion needed for social interaction. Isn’t it great when you find yourself developing self-esteem through creating artistic stuff which reflect your personality and represent your thoughts and emotions? It is like hitting two targets with a single shot. You get to interact with people and at the same time you can showcase a part of yourself, your inner artist side.

  • Encouraging Playfulness and a Sense of Humor

Participating in artistic activities encourages self-expression that leads to materializing the negativity and anxiousness and eventually decrease stress hormones as you find happiness from the creative outlets you take part in. There are a number of fun activities which can lessen your stress hormones. These days, vlogging has become very popular. Video blogs about pranking, accepting challenges, and playful moments are now a trend in online platforms. Well, these are a good way to express one self and radiate the positive and good vibes within through social media. However, we have to consider other people as well. You can be happy about anything without making fun of other people, of course. That’s one thing some vloggers fail to take into considerations. You can engage in playful pranks and relieve your stress through it, but make sure that the people you do it with will benefit as well. It is like creating a content which can benefit both the creator, participants, and the viewers as well.

  • Improving Brain Cognition

Since the training it provides strengthens the brain network associated with arts being practiced, artistic expression influences cognition and develops cognitive abilities. When you engage in creative pursuits, you get to enhance brain function. Artistic expression is a great way to express, explore, and practice creativity which can eventually lead to wellness.

When you look at a particular piece of art, you are in the same way, looking at it the way the artist did when he or she was creating that artwork. This stimulates a sense of inspiration and motivation.

By this we mean, that the cognition process that we undergo while creating an artistic piece is the same way when we are merely feasting our eyes on an artwork or artistic output. That alone can prove that art enhance our brain function.

  • Reducing Boredom

This may also help in getting rid of boredom as this will be a great opportunity to maximize your time with something artistic. When you run out of ideas and things to do during your spare time, artistic expression can help you with spending your time with doing something worthwhile. As doing creative stuff require time and effort, by that alone, you can reduce your boredom -especially when you’re too engrossed in doing what you love. The first step to getting this benefit is by identifying the artform that best suits your personality, your skills, and your passion. Doing something that don’t love is boring, all the more that it becomes boring when you do it every single day. So, you need to figure out which creative pursuit relates to your passion and hobbies.

  • Fostering a Stronger Sense of Identity and Increasing Self-Esteem

To engage in artistic expression also engenders a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-esteem. Imagine yourself showcasing your artworks in a gallery exhibit somewhere in the country. Wouldn’t that be something you can take pride? Wouldn’t you be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished? Artistic expression can bring you that sense of pride. Many successful artists all over the globe have been reaping what this benefit since they really pursued their love of arts. Whether you just want an activity where you can vent your feelings and emotions, you are also eligible to foster a stronger sense of identity and boost your self-esteem.

These days, there are newly discovered artists which emerged from various platforms which they just gave a try out of boredom or perhaps searching for a creative outlet. This only proves that artistic expression can take you to places you never imagined you can reach.

Bottom Line

During this pandemic, surmounting the new normal is hard enough, but coping with stress is even harder. Finding ways to overcome stress which might have been troubling you is of paramount importance to keeping your mental and physical health at its finest state. There is a wide range of creative outlets which you can try engaging yourself in. It does not have to be expensive. You can try doing creative stuff where you can express yourself and your artistry, relieve your stress, and even produce creative outputs which reflect your inner self. It is like hitting more targets with a single shot.


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