What’s Your DepEd Story?

What’s Your DepEd Story?

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Ano’ng Kwentong DepEd mo?

If you’re meant to be in that place, wherever your feet may take you, you’ll find your way back there –to where you think your heart belongs.

It was year 2015 when I graduated in college and although I already made up my mind about becoming a teacher a few years ago, I was not sure back then if I was really cut out for teaching. A month after my graduation, I went to Manila to enrol at PNU review center in preparation for my licensure examination. To suffice my needs, I worked as a call center agent, taking calls and resolving issues from clients of a different culture every single graveyard shift I had to endure. Working in BPO taught me a lot of things I never imagined I would be able to learn.

Back then, I did not have much faith in my English communication skills and was still doubting myself despite how far I had achieved. I really wanted to excel and be good at speaking the language for it’s what I would be teaching in the future. And so, I had to study again on my own, review grammar lessons, practicing speaking all by myself. I was so determined to upgrade my skills and that took me away from what I really loved, to teach.

Months after that, I passed the licensure examination and still couldn’t figure out what I was cut out for and where I was meant to be at during that time. So, this time, I worked as an ESL (English as Second Language) Teacher in Ortigas where I got to teach Korean students of different ages, behaviors, learning styles, and professions. During this time, I admitted what I lacked of and it motivated me even more to relearn things and desire for progress and development.

A year after working in that ESL company, I was still not sure about what I could offer as an English teacher, if I could be called one or had every reason to be one. I then decided I had to expand my horizons to be able to really upgrade myself and become someone my future self would thank me for. I applied for a teaching job outside the country for I had this belief that it could really help me with making significant progress and make me a better English teacher than I was before.

I got the job, carried through my documents, and was told to wait for my Visa. The waiting game began and it was crazy. While waiting, someone encouraged me to apply for a teaching position in DepEd though I thought I was not really prepared for it. I was in the middle of two great opportunities, one was I believed I was not ready to take yet, and the other one which I thought would help me grow into a better teacher that I wanted to be.

I then prayed to God that He may bestow His grace upon every undertaking and decision I come up with; that He may place me in such a healthy working environment where He thinks I would certainly grow.

And here I am, despite the educational challenges that confront me, I remain resilient, growing, steadfast, and even wanting for more rooms for improvement.

I have been working in DepEd for four fruitful years now. Canubing National High School has become my shelter and my nursery. What keeps me going as a teacher? Just read my blog so you’ll find out. Read more: https://chamberofthoughts.com/4-reasons-that-keep-you…/

I am very much valued for simply becoming a person of great influence to our learners. My contributions might be underrated. I might not be well-compensated. But there’s something else that I have and which no one else can take away from me. That’s my undying influence on each and every young mind I stumble upon.I am a teacher. I don’t think that I am just a cosmic afterthought or from a mere addition to all other professions in the world that others had mistakenly forgotten to value.

Happy 123rd Founding Anniversary DepEd Philippines !🎉🎊❤️ #DepEd123 #BayanihanParaSaEdukasyon


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