Please, Don’t Be Jealous.

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Please, don’t be jealous. I love you – different from the way I love mornings and sugar with my morning coffee. You are the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up in the morning. Is that too good to be true? Fine, you’re the second thing that pops up in my head, well after my favorite coffee. However, know that if I were asked to choose between coffee and you. Do not worry for I would choose the latte, haha. I mean the latter – and that’s you.

Please, don’t be jealous. I love you -at least not the way I love horror movies that we love watching during the night. Horror movies cannot shoo me away nor frighten me. Just sitting on the couch next to you with your arms wrapped around me makes me feel safe. It just makes me feel secured – one thing the main character in that horror film might envy me for having felt whenever we have our movie marathon.

Please, don’t be jealous. I love you, far from the way I love music and the joy it brings me when it enters my ears and invades my imagination. I love you like a melody in my head that keeps reverberating. But the way I feel for you is like the feeling when a certain playlist left me bewitched and captivated that made me hit the replay button on a single song over and over again. If only I could stuff you in my ears to hear your voice the way you speak to my ears when you say you love me, I definitely would.

Please, don’t be jealous. I love you -not similar to how I love listening to the sound of the rain that lullabies me to sleep. I remember the rainy evenings we had that we did nothing but whisper songs of love while wrapped in a single blanket. The calming sound of the waves along with the timeless sea breeze, the rain on the tent in a lush forest and even the water in that pelting river meeting the rocks, all these become a hymn of nature I would always love listening to, with you.

Please, don’t be jealous. I love you -not as deep as the depth of the ocean, but even far way deeper than that. My love for you has dug up a hole in my heart, deep in my veins, extending far down in my bones. I remember that one fine afternoon so vividly in my head when you left me in that corner and I couldn’t breath the idea of loosing you. You are someone I cannot keep my body and soul together, when you’re gone. So, please, let me love you deeper -deeper than anything my soul can reach.

Please, don’t be jealous. I love you -not close enough to every bit of dreams I carry upon my sleeves. But, you were once a dream I envisioned in my head, I once planted in my daily aims. And here, you are now. Never a dream. No longer a dream. You are that someone I want to hold hands with as I walk on that dark pavement during our late night wanders. I may not love you as big as my dreams, but my love for you is way bigger than these dreams I have.

Please, don’t be jealous. Don’t be jealous of the way I love life. When you see me at times, enjoying my individuality, my freedom, my expression of things that interest me, please do not get to that point that you are going to divert me away from the things I am passionate about. When you see me enjoying every moment with you, know that it’s not me enjoying the moment alone. It’s about you and me in the moment. Never get jealous of the way I love life, the way I value it. For you are my life and that’s no competition. You are my everything and even when things were taken away from me, I still have a thousand reasons to love you.

Please, don’t be jealous. I love you – and I just love “we” the way I love “you-and-me”.


  1. Wonderful. Please, don’t be jealous. I love you – and I just love “we” the way I love “you-and-me”.

    1. Author

      Thank you, besh. Glad that you liked it. Happy that you were touched by my words.

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