How To Stay In Shape During the Pandemic

How To Stay In Shape During the Pandemic

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Written by Leo Angelo C. Illaga and Levi Ramirez

The stretch of bad events that happened recently beginning with the COVID 19 pandemic has made everyone on-edge as this has been causing a lot of disturbances, impacting on both our physical and mental health, and even the economic, social, political, and financial structures of the world.

Truly, This has taken a toll on some vulnerable individuals, placing them on that stage where fear and anxiety swallow up the tiniest thread of faith and composure left in their whole being due to the threats posed to all aspects of our lives by this trying times we are in. Not only that people tend to worry a lot about their survival these days, but they also overthink situations since their health is at stake. These disturbances alone just aggravate the circumstances and make everything even more complicated.

With all what’s happening during these trying times, remaining healthy and fit is one of the effective pre-emptive measures and efficient defenses one can do in this battle against COVID 19.  As far as pandemic preparedness is concern, it is no stretch to say that apart from social distancing and staying indoors, we can still get ourselves protected against the virus through boosting our immune system.

This can be made possible by an array of physical activities which can help with remaining healthy and fit. This is the challenge posed to everyone during this global catastrophe —to squeeze in some time to engage ourselves in sports and other physical fitness activities.

Investing for pandemic preparedness is quite compelling and so is thinking of a range of activities you can participate in during this difficult time. Everyone is draped with so much worries and fear impacting their social interaction. The current situation delimits us from doing a lot of things for there are mandates imposed by the government telling everyone from time to time to stay at home. There are also businesses and companies that end up with closing temporarily their services which left more employees to opt for working from home arrangement or much even worse than that, ended up losing their jobs. With all these disruptions here and there, coming up with a decision to engage in physical activities is not a random circumstance. This will provide you with a great deal of benefits that will surely steer clear of your chances to acquire the virus.

As the discovery of a vaccine which can immunize and provide people with protection against the virus seem very difficult these days, people can take part in physical activities despite staying indoors. This will be of great help to everyone as this will strengthen our immune system and eventually prevent us from acquiring the virus. These physical activities are good outlets to channel your worries and fear; leaving your body and mind much more relaxed and composed. Getting involved in activities like these is something you would be thanking your future self for doing. These physical activities rounded up for keeping oneself healthy and fit are as follows:

Doing Household Chores. Taking much of your time staying indoors, resulted from limited socializations and interactions, can be done through a number of ways that you can benefit at the same time. One of which is through performing some household activities. It is never a point of discussion that household chores count as moderate exercises. These do not just allow you to accomplish several chores but also provide you with strength-training and medium-intensity cardiovascular exercises. Although some fitness gyms are already open, taking risks to go out and do your workout routines in a public place will pose too much danger on your health and will be the last thing you would probably do. From cleaning the house, to gardening, down to doing the laundry, you might be unaware that as you carry them through you also burn some calories and get to work your muscles. 

Indoor Sports. When you are unable to decide whether you risk yourself playing outside or staying in bed during a pandemic, well considering indoor sports might be the answer to the questions that you are fraught with. There are a number of indoor sports which you might consider doing while you are at home. Some of which include indoor basketball and table tennis. If possible, you may also do hoola hooping with your siblings. While there are a great deal of indoor sports waiting for you to play, paying attention to who you are going to play with is still a great step to avoid getting the virus.

Physical Fitness Exercises. While you still don’t know when everything else will go back to normal, you might have been troubled as well by your interrupted plans and routines which you accustomed yourself from doing before the pandemic started. From getting to the malls and stores to attending your errands, meeting your friends at your usual cafeteria or fast-food restaurant, and even going to the gym.  Your day-to-day activities are now either suspended or interrupted. Yet, more likely you get yourself confined in your bedroom all day, all night without even getting your muscles stretched and worked out. Well, physical fitness exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home. There are tons of exercises available on the Internet which you can do to help you achieve physical fitness. Some of which include push-ups, abdominal crunches, squats, bent-over rows, and even walking. You try performing this at home and soon enough you will see the results of your hardwork.

Balancing Exercises. If you have been caught with your daily routines which revolves around your bedroom or your study area, you might be just one of those who also experience drowsiness and dizziness in merely sitting yourself on your study chair for the entire day. You also probably think that your body loses balance as you normally just find yourself lying on your bed and not making even a single move since you are busy with using your mobile phone. Balancing exercises can help you regain the balance which your body needs to have. If you try to search the Internet, you might find a lot of balance exercise which you can do and perform even when you are in your bedroom, in your study area, or anywhere else in the house. You can do single leg lift, single leg side lift, and if you want some challenge, do it with dumbbells

Zumba Exercises. When trying to look for something new to accomplish or get done once a week during this pandemic but you still want to have leisure in watching television and sweat at the same time, doing Zumba exercises is perfect for you. All you have to do is to put on your most comfortable clothes for sweating up and turn the television on. Lucky are you since there are many Zumba videos which you can download and save offline. For instance, YouTube has a great deal of Zumba videos uploaded which you can use as your Zumba guide. While you imitate the simplest of the Zumba moves you see on the video, your body also does let go of the calories which have been with your body during this pandemic.

Braving this pandemic does not just take a healthy body and mind, but also a good disposition. One way to surmount this situation is to instill in one’s mind a positive mindset that this pandemic shall pass as well, and that everything will soon be back to normal. Thus, for you to be even able to have this positive mindset, it requires your commitment to maintaining your health and wellness.


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