A Deep Dive Into the Movie “Redeeming Love”

A Deep Dive Into the Movie “Redeeming Love”

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I did not expect that this film would deeply resonate with me and leave a lasting impact on me, given its unique exploration of God’s unconditional love for each one of us, sinners or not.

This serves as a powerful testament to the boundless love and grace that God extends to us, regardless of our past sins.

I also like its ability to address sensitive themes of sin, shame, and brokenness with grace and compassion that in some pieces, it might appear too difficult to grasp or very much disturbing to actually comprehend and put altogether.

I liked that it acknowledged the darkness of the characters’ pasts. Sobrang tagos sa puso since, admit it or not, we all went through seasons in our lives wherein we chose to be too far away from God’s love.

This broke me through its peculiar way of portraying unconditional love that some of us couldn’t really  reciprocate just because all we had to do was to look back at what people have done to us.

Apart from that this beautifully portrays the all-encompassing love of God for sinners, this also has made me realize how grotesquely evil I get with the decisions I make,  the extent of my own shortcomings and how often I engage in the deeply flawed practice of immediate judgment, basing my respect for others solely on my perception of their past actions or perceived worthiness.


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