My Thoughts on Paloma’s “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” Nobody Asked For:

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Such a powerful and emotive song!

I’ve been listening to this song for quite a while now. I know, some would say super luma ng song na ‘to since it was released in 2014, of which I had absolutely no knowledge.

For all I know, it was all over Tiktok and this even went viral in Pinas when Popstar Royalty Sarah G performed this on the ASAP stage.

Anyways, let’s get straight to the point. This song is a haunting anthem that explores the complexity of love, for it being both something that can uplift and bring pain to those who feel it. Gusto ko yung part na ina-accept yung vulnerability and the rawness of emotions kapag sobra kang naging invested sa isang relationship.

The line that goes “only love can hurt like this” suggests that only love has the ability to cause such intense emotional turmoil to us.

That the same force that brings you joy and happiness is the same force that can inflict you with heartache and suffering.

Dito mo sa song na ito marerealize how transformative love is; how it can both heal and wound you, uplift and shatter you into pieces.

One thing i had the opportunity to ponder on is we have to start embracing the vulnerability and intensity of love. Kumbaga, kakambal na ‘yan once magsubscribe ka.

This song also reminds me of the power that love holds which can awaken our truest selves. Nagagawa mo yung mga bagay na you did not expect you would be doing. Lumalabas yung totoong ikaw. Yung ikaw at lahat ng kaya mong gawin for the sake of love.

Wala akong pinagdadaanan pero this song inflicted me both ectasy and agony all at the same time. And it’s all because of the soulful delivery ni Paloma Faith.


  1. Your blog is riveting and enlightening. Your writing style is superb, and the impact of your words is truly profound.

  2. Your blog is truly engaging and informative. I admire your writing style and the profound impact of your content.

  3. I love how you interpreted the song. Thats nice to have seen such a different light on this song.

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