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Self Discipline: The Most Effective Vaccine

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           The pandemic situation we have been confronting since last year has created a ripple effect at present, leaving everyone in total shock and confusion as to how they will cope with the challenges posed by the pandemic. Here and there, it’s obvious how our current grueling situation has impacted all aspects of our lives and caused disturbances and dramatic slowdown in the activities we used to do on a daily basis before this pandemic started.

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            It has already been a year yet some of us haven’t fully got the hang of the new normal that we have been introduced to.  As each day passes by, we cannot tell if the situation gets better or just gets even worse. What’s even bothering is that the more we try to cope with that “now-normal”, the more we worsen the situation. That’s very evident in the number of reported cases which continues to accumulate every day. Whether it is caused by the government or the people, that’s something we cannot really tell.

           Truly, Covid-19 is a disease which knows no boundaries. It knows no nationality for it has spread its horizon from cities to province, to countries and to continents; leaving many countries all around the globe disturbed. It knows no race since it has impacted all nations leaving them disconcerted and alarmed as to how they will fight off this pandemic. It knows no gender, no age, and even no creed. What makes it even scarier is that even those who thought they had been keeping themselves safe and getting themselves out of all kinds of situations that can pose them risks of acquiring the virus, some of them had never avoided it. But the battle does not end there. You still have got a lot of options, which if you only look at the bright side of every sticky situation like this you can surmount the pandemic.

           In our country, as reported by World Health Organization from January 3 to February 6, there have been 533,587 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 11,058 deaths. This to some is no longer surprising since the cases continue to rise daily despite the implementation of the emergency measures and the intensification of health and safety protocols. However, this is something we should not neglect, and the government should really step up efforts in implementing safety measures strictly.

           When everyone thinks that our safety lies solely in the hands of the government, how it responds to addressing this national health concern, we cannot just turn a blind eye to the significant role that we, citizens, have to play in fighting against this disease. We cannot just depend entirely on the government to keep us from acquiring the virus. Many a time, we tend to forget that we also contribute to the causes of increasing cases of covid-19 in the country. We forget the role we have to play in order to help the government assuage this health crisis our country is saddled with.

           While following and complying with the health and safety protocols seem to be as simple as how we perceive it, it is pretty ironic that every day, more and more cases are reported. It is easier said than done, as how the cliché goes. Moreover, this has been made doubly terrible by the very negligence of some of us. Some of us may not be fully aware of it, but our negligence has become one of the reasons the cases of covid-19 continue to increase. Our inability to comply with the simple health and safety measures only prolongs the agony brought to us by this pandemic.

           For how long this pandemic will last cannot even be answered despite the breakthroughs in formulating a vaccine. Complying with what the government is encouraging us to comply with in the moment might still be way better than fantasizing about what the future holds for us in the next five years which seemed to be just beyond our reach. We might have not realized fully yet that even before the advances in vaccine, we already have been inoculated against the virus. A cure that has already been there within us. A remedy to this pandemic which is already instilled in our being but needs refinement – our self-discipline. That is something we all possess; only, it is waiting to be awaken.

           Yes, it’s true it all just boils down to instilling self-discipline in ourselves. The new normal, as how we call it, places greater demand for self-discipline and the others just come after. Everyday is fraught with danger from this pandemic which we cannot see but we can avoid getting and prevent from crushing our whole being, from physically, emotionally, down to the tiniest hint of optimism we have inside of us. COVID-19 is indeed consuming. How you respond to the conduct of pre-emptive measures which will shield you against the virus can only tell your chances of getting it into your system. Ignoring the prime role of the health and safety protocols which you are charged with a responsibility to comply with makes you even more prone to acquiring the virus. This time, disregarding the consequences of every action you make can bounce back to you, as how the disease can get into your system once you neglect the essence of following the health and safety protocols. 

           During a time of health crisis like this, it is of utmost importance that we realize the share that our self-discipline actions have in surmounting Covid-19. Start by complying with what has been reiterated, what you have been told to practice and follow.  Be the cure to this pandemic by showing your ability to control your actions, and even the decisions you make. Let us not become the individuals who worsen the situation but instead those who will help improve it. Your actions really do matter in battling against this crisis. Thus, it is right that only your actions taken out of self-discipline can aid us in resolving this pandemic.

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