Exploring the Intriguing Layers of the Movie “I Love Lizzy”

Exploring the Intriguing Layers of the Movie “I Love Lizzy”

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I couldn’t help but contemplate on the bittersweet reality that not all love stories lead to a traditional happily ever after which this movie has just shown me. This film, according to some posts i came across with here on facebook, is a true to life story. And i would say it was directed with finesse and heart, which absolutely took me on a journey of understanding the other dimensions of love, sacrifice, and unwavering faith.

I admit, i have no plans of watching this kasi i have been engrossed with bingewatching korean dramas, especially those historical ones which i outspokenly tell my friends that i have been so in love with. Pero i decided to watch it na rin due to its popularity and based on some posts that i saw online.

Noong una talaga, medyo hesitant ako since it was starred by carlo and barbie, not that i am impressed by their acting prowess or whatsoever, pero dahil siguro first time kong makapanuod ng pinoy movie of this kind na sila ang lead. So bago ko pinanuod, i checked muna online for the  other movies ni carlo aquino na similar to this. Super dami pala. Kaya ang ending –naconvince na akong panoorin.

Carlo’s portrayal of jeff, a young seminarian grappling with his desire to become a priest, struck a chord deep within me. Not because dati akong seminarian, pero dahil sa inner struggle ng character which was beautifully depicted through carlo’s nuanced performance. Dito mo makikita yung complexity of love which arises from his commitment to his religious calling and the sacrifices it entails. Lizzy, played by barbie, is filled with charm and vulnerability. I must say, bagay sa kaniya yung role. Her on-screen chemistry with carlo is palpable, and i found myself rooting for their love noong papalapit na sa ending.

This movie skillfully navigated and conveyed the delicate balance between pacing and emotional resonance. Kahit parang medyo mabilis yung progress ng love story, i felt it was needed in order to touch that aspect of love na parang romeo and juliet lang, or jack and rose ang peg. And it happens naman talaga –love  at first sight.

There was this part in the movie, where lizzy made a solemn promise to god , in exchange of jeff’s return. Ito yung part na hindi nagparamdam si jeff due to some reasons. This will make you realize the power of faith and the extent to which one might go just to keep a loved one close.

The part where lizzy was fighting for her life, ito yung moment na i told myself that this movie had a twist. I was completely clueless kung anong mangyayari since in some movies, i don’t know but their plot was kind of predictable. But this one, medyo it became more interesting to me when it reached that part.

The ending was good. I had this “ah-huh” moment when the prologue which repeats at the resolution of the movie added a layer of depth and symbolism to the narrative. That was when i finally realized that this movie is no happy ending. I would like to commend the idea of putting a flashback to explain how it tragically ended. And it was so powerful.

This film reinforces the idea of love as both beautiful and heartbreaking. And its exploration of sacrificial love, and the intertwining of love and faith absolutely made it way more interesting.


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