Here’s to Embracing the Idea of Someone Being Better Than You

Here’s to Embracing the Idea of Someone Being Better Than You

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There’s Always Someone Better Than You and That’s Okay

“To be successful in life” is probably one of the most used phrases whenever one is asked about what his or her dream is. This becomes one of the priority goals of every individual who wishes to establish worth and character in the society or simply feel that he or she matters in the environment where he or she belongs to.

Success is not just restrained to mean achieving greatness in any field or area you are part of. Its meaning is purely personal. It is mainly dependent on how a person sees or perceives success.

Being good at what you do is something you might consider as an advantage especially at work. This is for the reason that it can open doors of many opportunities for you to level up. This can also change your entire life from simple instant to extravagant the next. Well, that still depends on how you utilize the best of your skills and abilities to your advantage that will eventually pave your way to becoming good at what you do and perhaps succeed in your career.

On the other hand, should the idea that there-will-always-be-someone-better-than-you hamper your growth and development? Know that it should not. It is true. It happens all the time. There is always someone better than you and that’s okay. You’ve got to remember that.

There’s always someone better than you and that’s okay. You have to undergo the process. To be good at what you do is an undertaking. You have to partake in your own metamorphosis. In that way, from being a larvae you will get your hard-earned wings that you deserve and one day become a beautiful butterfly. When you were finally able to figure out what you are passionate about, what your heart sets on fire, what interests you most, you are heading the right direction. It is totally fine if there are other people who have become the best versions of themselves in that field before you even make some progress. Trust the process. Trust your metamorphosis.

There’s always someone better than you and that’s okay. You were not perfect and good at something the moment you were born. To be good at what you do takes a great deal of efforts. It requires a great amount of dedication to make progress. It is not something that happens overnight. It is not like you start working out at the gym today, and you’ll expect that your progress will be noticeable tomorrow. You need to exert effort, time, and patience. You have many chances to improve yourself. Go ahead and better yourself.

There’s always someone better than you and that’s okay. This is no competition. You might be caught up with your job, the promotion, the salary increase, and your pride that might have caused you to think that being good at something is an everyday battle you need to engage in. Being good at what you do is more of a self-commitment rather than a competition. Accept that, that’s how life is. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. In each phase of growth you undertake, a new learning emerges. You get to collect life key takeaways. No matter how many times you trip, you’ve got countless opportunities to rise up, move forward, and continue striving for the best version of yourself you have been aiming at becoming.

There’s always someone better than you and that’s okay. This is about you versus yourself. Everytime that you step up efforts in improving yourself, cultivating your strengths, you are outshining the person that you were before. You beat the older version of yourself. You outmatch the person that you know has to level up, has to evolve. It was never about you and the other people out there. It has to be that way everytime you do things that will help you improve. You need to think that it is you who will benefit from what you do. Might as well, continue making yourself better for your own sake.

There’s always someone better than you and that’s okay. This is not a race. To be good at what you do is not battle of speed. There can be people who are more excellent than you are. But that’s fine. They might have been doing their best to make progress and just like you are now, they were also doubting themselves before. You have your own timeline. You don’t need to always pattern your success from theirs. You can follow someone’s footsteps but be reminded that your timeline is way different than theirs. You might have some detours before you reach your goal and that’s fine. Never compare your progress with that of the others. You have your own pace. You don’t have to rush your growth. Just keep doing what you do and soon a thicket of new growth will come before you.

There’s always someone better than you and that’s okay. You just need to keep growing. The key ingredient is consistency. Be consistent in your goals. You need to focused on what you desire to achieve. You have to continue improving. There’s only way you can make progress, and that’s by doing your thing over and over again. It is not about how many times you keep trying, but more of how determined you are to become better than you were yesterday. Keep going north until you reach your goal.

“Quick bright things can come to confusion. The great amount of determination and drive that took you years to gather together may not be compensated immediately. It takes time. Keep in mind that you are good in what you do; that you are doing exactly what you see yourself doing. You are a person of visions and goals. You are good at it. You are better than you were two or three years ago. That’s something you should take pride in. That’s progress. There may be someone better than you and that’s okay. “


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